#2 Psychology of the Voice and Muscle Memory, Why Your Voice Sounds Like It Does and What to Do About It

The entire concept of my teaching is based on the ideal of what I call the psychology of the voice. In this episode I give a bit of groundwork on what this is. Every event that has happened in our lives goes into our brains and our brains tell our muscles what to do. If you are constantly told to "shut up" then your brain is going to tell your muscles, "stop talking" and then when you get older you are going to have an articulation problem because you've laid into the muscles "tighten up" and "don't open and let the words out, you've been told to shut up".

It's essential if we really want to make an impact with our voice for us to lay in a new top layer. Making an impact with the voice includes not only articulation but using variety, breathing and even speaking the words we need and want to speak. All of this can happen but you can't think your way through it. You've got to shift in the muscles, create a new top layer. In this episode I'll teach you how.


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