Episode #22 Captivate the Customer by Bringing the Words to Life

Welcome to the show!

In today's episode I'm going to talk about bringing the words to life. Now, I'm going to talk a little bit about vocal variety but I'm really diving into what bringing the words to life really means and why it's so important.

The words are everything and they are nothing...it's how you bring them to life that counts!

Words are just words. Ask someone how they felt when they heard...they talk about feelings, impact, emotions, not, words.

The words are important, yes, your customer and audience needs to hear the words...but, by bringing them to life, you touch the audience/customers senses and in turn effect their emotions. THAT is captivating the room, that is connecting...that is getting the audience, buyer, whoever you are talking to, to follow you, get on your list, learn from you, become one of your super fans, buy from you or simply, have their lives changed. All of that takes place in the voice and that is what you are going to learn today!

I hope you are enjoying the podcast, I know I'm having a blast doing it. In fact, I'm considering doing three episodes a week! But, if you could do me a huge favor, if you enjoy the content, would you leave me a review? And...you can leave a review, even if you don't.

Don't forget, if you'd like me to take a listen to your voice, make sure and sign up for your free voice assessment at www.captivatetheroom.com

I'll see you next time when I interview Passionpreneur, January Tan.

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