Episode #55 Strong Voice and Being Taken the Wrong Way

Episode #55 When Your Voice is Strong and People Take you the Wrong Way

Welcome to the show!

I'm really thrilled about this episode because it was inspired by a listener's question. I really love it when I get questions because I'm all about helping you with your particular voice issues.

Today, we are talking about an issue that is a little different than what I'm usually covering so it's great to address.

What happens when your voice is strong and people don't like it, take you the wrong way, are offended by it, think you are too abrupt?

In today's episode you'll learn valuable information about:

What to do if your voice is offending others,

What to do if you are being misinterpreted because of the tone of your voice,

What to do about what other's think about your voice,

The exact reasons people may be thinking what they are thinking,

What to do to fix the issue of being misinterpreted because of your voice.

Want to make a bigger impact with your voice? I hope you'll get on the list to join my new online voice program starting in March! http://www.captivatetheroom.com

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