Episode #77 Changing Your Voice Story, Changing Your Success

Episode #77 Changing Your Voice Story, Changing Your Success

Welcome to the podcast!

Today I'm talking about the psychology of the voice story and how it is your core problem.

The more I work with the voice story the more I see just how much it is trying to control the voice that you put out into the world.

I've seen this for years, 25 plus to be exact and it's clearly the core problem when it comes to what you put out.

It's just not possible to deliver a voice that is different than what you've laid into your muscle memory, what you've laid in is from your psychology of the voice story.

The story has to be changed and a new one put into the muscle memory if you want to change things for good. The goal is that you never have to "think" about what you are going to do with your voice to captivate the room and compel the audience to take the action you want.

The goal is that every time you open your mouth your sound flows out with ease and you sound captivating and compelling. Changing the voice story and putting in a new layer of muscle memory will make that happen and it's easier than you think!

Find out more about your voice story and how you can change it in today's episode.

Want to hear more about what your voice barriers are? I can tell you exactly what they are, just go over to www.captivatetheroom.com to find out more!

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