Episode #101 Using Caution w/ Words, You Won't Like What We Hear

Episode #101 Using Caution w/ Words, You Won't Like What We Hear

Welcome to the show!

Today I'm talking about something that I think you might find interesting and surprising and something I've not talked about before.

As we continue the series on reclaiming your voice and communicating more effectively, I want to talk about what happens to your voice when you try to say the right thing.

Often times we know someone is going to be upset with us or is upset with us. So, we try to adjust our words so that the other person won't retaliate or to avoid more conflict. But here's the thing. When you do this, temper your words, your voice lets the cat out of the bag. You may be saying the words that you think will help you avoid conflict but the other person will hear things in your voice and the things they hear may not work in your favor.

It's possible that while you are trying to say the right thing, the caution in your voice could be received as indifference or not caring. Ultimately, you might just be creating a bigger problem than if you just spoke your truth, said what you need and want to say but spoke it beautifully.

I think you are going to find this episode very helpful!

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