Episode #102 Non-Verbal Communication, What Your Saying but Not Saying

Episode #102 Non-Verbal Communication, What Your Saying but Not Saying

Welcome to the show!

Today I continue on with the voice and effective communication series and I'm not using voice!

Today we are talking about non-verbal communication. There are very positive non-verbals that we use for sure but today I'm focusing on the non-verbal's that we use in a negative way to try and communicate what we think and feel.

Non-verbal communication is used in a negative way far too often and here's the thing...we won't figure out what's wrong, ever!

Today I'm going to discuss what non-verbal communication is and focus on how we use it for negative impact as well as how we can stop relying on non-verbals to get our message out clearly and effectively.

Everyone has relied on non-verbal communication at different times in their life to get their message across, some more than others. But, all of us have had to deal with people in our personal and business life that have used non-verbals in a negative way. Today you'll get some techniques to combat your own non-verbal mishaps and know how to better manage non-verbal communication from others.

I think you're going to like this episode and don't forget to share this voice and effective communication with people you know who could benefit from a few new techniques.

Remember, the 5-day voice and effective communication challenge is about to start, don't forget to sign up!


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