Episode #107 When the Rules Change

Episode #107 When the Rules Change

Welcome to the show!

Today I'm wrapping up the series on effective communication, just in time for Thanksgiving if you are in the US.

People are going to be people and that means they are going to change the rules. That's okay but what needs to stay consistent is communicating that the rules have changed and maybe even why they have changed.

If you want to avoid conflict, hurt feelings, burned bridges and all sorts of calamities in relation to communication, when the rules change communicate it. If you change the rules, it's your responsibility. If you feel the rules have changed on you, it's your responsibility to find out what's going on.

Open lines of communication through all scenarios, listening and speaking your truth beautifully are key to effective communication.

Always be aware of what your thinking and perceiving. Sometimes your perceptions are off but sometimes they are spot on. It's always best to keep the lines of communication open through all the ups and downs of business and personal relationships.

Make sure to get your voice plan in place for 2018. Time is up to get visible and audible and everywhere you turn, people are speaking their truth beautifully...it's time!

If you need some help getting your voice ready to head into a spectacular 2018, just email me tracy@captivatetheroom.com or head over to the website at www.captivatetheroom.com

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