#7 Voice, Vulnerability and Romance w/ The True Love Coach Elizabeth Golembiewski

Welcome to the show!

Today I'm super excited to talk to a great lady and amazing relationship coach Elizabeth Golembiewski.

In the show today, Elizabeth and I talk about her work and some of the biggest pitfalls she sees with people looking for love.

Elizabeth fills this episode with valuable tips on what we have to get straight within ourselves before we can truly find a great relationship with someone else.

Today we talk narcissism, texting in relationships, false beliefs when ti comes to the reality of romance and more!

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We need a reality check on the Cinderella story we keep holding out for, it just might not exist.

Bio of guest

Elizabeth Golembiewski is a nationally recognized relationship, dating and life coach. Since founding Ignite Divine Sparks Coaching Services in 2009, Elizabeth has helped men and women throughout the country increase their consciousness in dating; create happy, healthy, committed relationships; and succeed in life in general.

Elizabeth's inspirational outlook and heart-felt approach resonates with people who value love and connection. She exemplifies her motto, "ABC: Always Be Choosing," which means our life's created by the quality of decisions we make. Unless we awaken to greater conciousness which allows us to make decisions and take action that stiffles love and connection.

Elizabeth is a Certified Life and Relationship Coach. She has created the "Awakened Dating and Relationship Program" using the same tools and resources she used to become more conscious in her own life and build her 13-year marriage. Find out more about Elizabeth and how she can help you at http://ignitedivinesparks.com

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