#12 How To Sound Confident

I get that question all the time! How do I sound more confident. It's essential that you sound confident, have stepped into your voice power, make a big impact.

Today in the episode I'm going to start telling you how to sound more confident. Yes, that's right, start...there are several phases to this process. I'm a voice expert, there are a lot of phases to sounding confident and having more voice power. But, I'm starting this series with what you can apply immediately and get some fast results. In order to impact your audience, you need to sound confident. It doesn't matter if it's an audience of one or one thousand, confidence and voice power is key in public speaking and let's face it, everything is public speaking. If you are on a stage, in a boardroom, making a pitch, doing a webinar or live video streaming, even water cooler conversation, it's all public speaking.

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I'll be following up this episode with many more tips on how to sound confident. So stay tuned, subscribe and I'd LOVE it if you'd leave a review!

Thanks for being here!

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