Episode #62 Celebrity Voice Tips for Live Stream, Strong Opening

Episode #62 Celebrity Voice Tips for Live Stream, Start w/ a Strong Opening

Welcome to the show!

Day two of my super special voice technique that I use with my celebrity and business clients around the globe. I want to help you make a bigger impact, sound more confident, be the expert in your live streams.

I hear from so many people that they want to do live streams but they hate the way they sound. We are going to fix all of that in this 7 days!

Today's technique is all about starting strong. It's essential to hook us from the start with your voice and if you don't, if you don't grab us, we may just not stick around.

I want you to have heaps of people wanting to come and listen to you and more than that, I want them sticking with you in your live streams.

Today, I'll give you a super technique for starting strong so you make a big impact, sound and look confident.

To find out more about the new course, Celebrity Voice Live Stream Course, just go to: http://captivatetheroom.com/celebrity-live-stream-course/

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