Episode # 68 Using Your Voice in the Live and Virtual Worlds w/ Laura Pennington

Tracy Goodwin

Mar 21 2017

Episode #68 Using Your Voice in the Live and Virtual Worlds w/ Laura Pennington

Welcome to the show!

Today we are talking about using your voice in a whole bunch of different ways from teaching to writing to managing teams. Today on the show I've got Laura Pennington and she's done all of that! I know you are really going to enjoy hearing from this former school middle school teacher turned six-figure business owner.

On the show you'll hear:

All the different ways Laura has used her voice from teacher to writer to owner of a six-figure business,

About her fear of using her voice and how she got over it,

Why voice is key in running teams,

What mistake she see's entrepreneur's make when it comes to hiring help,

Why it's crucial to get help if you want to really succeed and more!

Want to make a bigger impact with your voice? I'll show you how www.captivatetheroom.com

Guest Bio

Laura Pennington

Laura spent most of her life preparing to be an educator and then burned out after working as a middle school teacher in Baltimore City.

After she started a freelance writing career on the side, she quickly replaced and surpassed her day job earnings and hit the six-figure mark in just 18 months.

Since 2013, she's worked full time for herself helping clients with content and project management and digital teams. She now teaches others how to build fulfilling lifestyle businesses from home.

You can find Laura here:


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